Marijuana Handlers™ Instructors METHOD OF TEACHING

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Marijuana Handlers™ Instructors METHOD OF TEACHING 

Lecture Method of teaching, Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

Definition of Lecture Method of Teaching

Lecture method of teaching is the oldest teaching method applied in educational institution. This teaching method is one way channel of communication of information. Students’ involvement in this teaching method mainly amounts to listening and sometimes pen down some notes if necessary during the lecture, combine the information and organize it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Lecture Method

Advantages of Lecture Method of Teaching

  1. In this teaching method a large amount. of topics can be covered in a single class period.
  2. Using of this method exclude the use of any equipment or Lab.
  3. Learning material not required.
  4. Student listening skills developed.
  5. Logical arrangement of the material in order to present it orally

Disadvantages of Lecture Method of Teaching

  1. Teacher delivers the same lecture to students without recognizing their individual differences.
  2. Students do not actively participate in the class while listening to the teacher
  3. Lecture often forgotten by the students soon after compared to learning while activities are experienced.
  4. Attention level not the same while student listening to the lecture.