• EDUCATION – We provide online and offline training in the Marijuana industry.  Persons properly trained in various facets of the industry ultimately enhance the integrity of the individual and the industry.   MARIJUANA HANDLERS™ administers courses and classes approved for State Marijuana Handler Certification and Continuing Education in areas vital to the industry.


  • NETWORK – Networking with peers and others in the Marijuana industry and having a method to exchange ideas and information are vital for the industry’s success.  Networking with others and exchanging information facilitates business growth.  MARIJUANA HANDLERS™ contributes to the networking process by providing public and private forums, employment resources, job boards and more.


  • ORGANIZATION –  MARIJUANA HANDLERS™ provides it’s members with organizational tools and business resources.  An organized and focused workforce with goals and objectives benefits the industry and it’s workforce.   MARIJUANA HANDLERS™ members receive special access to forumseducational classes, organizational resources and employment opportunities.

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