Marijuana Handlers™ Instructors TIER 2 EXAMPLES

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Marijuana Handlers™ Instructors TIER 2 EXAMPLES

Marijuana Establishment Agent Training.

935 CMR 500.105(2)(b).

    • Marijuana Establishments shall ensure that all Marijuana Establishment Agents complete training prior to performing job functions.
    • At a minimum must include a Responsible Vendor Program.
    • Must complete a responsible vendor program within 90 days of hire.
    • Must complete the program once every year thereafter to maintain designation as a “responsible vendor.”
    • At a minimum, staff shall receive eight hours of on-going training annually.
    • Business must maintain records of responsible vendor training program compliance for four years and make them available to inspection by the Commission.

ADVANTAGE to taking the course NOW: “You’re 90 days ahead of those who haven’t!”

These TIER 2 examples probably work best in small to medium sized groups:

Limited Only By Your Imagination……

1) BUSINESS VISIT – Visit business offer business owner or manager:

*Marijuana Handlers™ Business Services – Onsite training with free online accessible record retention and training alerts.

2) COFFEE SHOP STUDY SESSION – Deliver training sessions at an appropriate Coffee Shop while your student(s) enjoy coffee and refreshments.

3) HOME STUDY GROUP PARTY – Throw a home study group party for family, friends or selectively invited clients.

4) STUDY GROUP IN THE PARK  –  Host a study group in a “Study Group Friendly” park.  Check permit needs or not!

5) LONG LUNCH STUDY GROUP  –  Deliver the course over a long lunch or two to hungry students.

6) RENT-A-ROOM EVENT –  Instruct a group of students in a conference room, hall, etc., of your (us or both) rental choice.

7) BUSINESS BARTER EXCHANGE – Barter exchange with business owner, “Provide me with some space to teach this weekend!  Let’s bring some people into your store!” or “Lets Do Course For A Corner!” (Retail Stores, Garden Supply Warehouses, etc.)

8) TREASURE HUNT STUDY GROUP -Incorporate a “Treasure Hunt” located in safe and imaginative places for topic specific (business donated) products into the 2-Hour Training Session.

10) MALL WALK & STUDY – Facilitate and incorporate the 2-Hour Training Session with a walk around a local mall with emphasis on business operations, marketing and thoughts of the business impact of the Marijuana industry.